Celebrations of 2nd August 2016

The Printer paid tribute to the Insurgents 

On 2nd August 2016, precisely 72 years after the recapture of the PWPW complex from the German occupant by the Warsaw Insurgents, the Board and employees of the PWPW paid tribute to the soldiers who fought for freedom and honour in 1944.

The annual celebrations in front of the main PWPW building were attended by the last living members of the groups which fought in this area during the uprising, the insurgents' families and representatives of insurrectionary organisations and government institutions. Piotr Woyciechowski, the President of the Board of the PWPW S.A. paying tribute to the dead and the living heroes of those days, emphasized the close relations of the company, which continues pre-war traditions with the independence ethos and the insurgents. He reminded also that Warsaw was the only city purposefully doomed to destruction and that till now we did not receive compensation for the damages of the World War II. Prof. Wojciech Fałkowski, undersecretary of state at the Ministry of National Defence emphasized the significance of the uprising and outlined the great value of the fact that we are learning to forge failure into the source of our power. During the celebration Juliusz Kulesza ps. "Julek", insurgent fighting in the PWPW, was decorated with a medal of merits for the World Union of the Home Army by the president of the board of ŚZŻ AK, Leszek Żukowski and the members of the presidium of the board, Prof. Wiesław Wysocki and Maciej Jarosiński. In view of this year's celebration the Printer added a historical bookmark "Reduta PWPW" on site www.pwpw.pl.

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