Products prepared by PWB/17 for the Polish Underground State



Eisenmarks (vouchers handed out by German scrap metal collecting points); since 1944
Fettkarts (fat-meat vouchers); since 1943
Surcharge of current value "Generalgouvernement für die Besetzen polnischen Gebiete" on 100 zł banknotes (lithographic point at Żulińskiego 3 ap. 11); 1939/1940
Banknotes; 1940-1943




Kenkarts (occupational ID document)
Durchlasscheins (documents authorising to move freely to any country of occupied Europe)
Lebensmittelkarten (food ration coupons)

Author: Paweł Popiel based on Juliusz Kulesza's: W murach Polskiej Wytwórni Papierów Wartościowych (konspiracja i Powstanie Warszawskie), Warszawa 2003